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Will the Penguin Update Affect Search Engine Optimization?

Every so often Google makes changes to their algorithms. It happened in 2001 with Panda and the latest change happened recently with Penguin. So, how did the update affect websites and will it affect search engine optimization?So what was the update supposed to do? Basically it was Google’s way of changing how it ranks websites.


Seo And Web Development Are Interconnected

Today’s World Wide Web relies on a mature, highly developed industry. These days, students can take degree courses in many different aspects of the Internet, including web design and website development (the writing of the underlying computer code). Indeed, the whole business of delivering websites has become highly professionalised.



Improve Your Business To The Top With Citation Link Building Service

Citation is normally showing the facts of the online business in which include the name, address and other information on the website. With these online citation services, your business gets large experience; also you get higher rank on your competition and get better the rankings on the local search engine.


Increase Your Website Traffic With The Strategies Of Guest Blog Post Service

One of the best and totally free strategies to market any type of business online is by writing blog posts. There’s no doubt that will good quality blogs serve as a brilliant marketing tool. They can promote your brand, products, and services or also improve your search engine ranking and drive more traffic to your website.

Guest Blogger

Some Significant Facts For Guest Blogger To Get Traffic

In SEO Blogs, blogs are one of the best ways to express yourself and your services. The outsourcing blogging activities have become common now days. Outsourcing blogging activities have some like new voices, fresh ideas, expertise and experience etc. A Guest blogging or guest posting is the main act of developing a relationship with another blogger or web publisher, writing the blog post and then working with them to publish it. A blogger can get the benefit of earning a link and engaging with a new audience.


Is There Need To Start Guest Blogging ?

Originally derived from the word ‘weblog’ in 1997, the term blog, these days, is an every day word. In fact, it’s estimated that around 6.7 million people regularly take part in blogging. For some, it can be a way to earn an income, and for others, they just like the idea of imparting knowledge and information they are passionate about.