Google Enjoying Its 18th Birthday With Colorful Doodle

Google is officially 18 now. Google Inc. is celebrating their 18th birthday with an amazing doodle having pink birthday cap on letter “G” with blue color which is blowing green balloons of letters ”oogle” and at the end, “G” is finally ignited to sky with the balloons.

Google started their doddle journey late in 1998 where Google intern Dennis Hwang was chosen by the google team to make its first doodle to celebrate Bastille Day. That doodle was so much appreciated that for coming years Hwang was given job to create Doodles for other events, special holidays, and the birthdays of famous and popular influential people. In 2015, google celebrated Cricket World Cup with an amazing doodle on ICC World Cup 2015.Have a look at the past Google doodles here.

Google this year celebrates it on September 27. Still it is not clear about the actual official date for google’s birthday but since 2005 the birthday celebrations are made on 27th day of the September month every year.

Google incorporated in USA on September 1998, is one of the leading and the fastest growing IT Giant in the world. It has grown exceptionally over the years. Google currently drives 70 offices in more than 40 countries in the world. Over the years, Google tells us how to get improvised websites in terms of optimization of search results. Many more new developments are planned this year by Google to be launched soon.

So Happy Birthday Google on your 18th Birthday. Enjoy your day ☺

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