Key Questions To Ask A Marketing Agency Before Hiring Them

In today’s highly connected world, many brands’ advertising budgets are allocated for online marketing efforts—and with good reason.

For starters, digital marketing allows businesses regardless of size to target a specific audience, track KPIs and improve their ROI.

The shift from conventional to digital marketing is considered by most to be a significant investment.

Fortunately, this is where the help and expertise of a seasoned marketing agency can come in handy.

When looking for the right marketing agency to work with, below are questions you need to ask to see if they are the best fit:

What are the KPIs you will be measuring?

Key performance indicators or KPIs are the measurable elements of your online marketing efforts.

KPIs help you gauge how your marketing strategy is performing and what are the weak areas you need to address.

A competent digital marketing agency already know the KPIs you need to measure based on your brand’s unique needs.

The top 5 KPIs that should be measured includes:

  • Traffic – the number of people that visits your site
  • Conversions – the number of people that visited your site and became a lead
  • Traffic sources – where your web traffic is from
  • Revenue per lead – the money you make for each generated lead
  • Cost per lead – the money needed to get a new lead per marketing source

How long have you been doing digital marketing?

With technology giving anyone with a computer the opportunity to start a business, there’s been a noticeable spike in people so-called companies who do digital marketing.

In line with this, consider it a must to check if they have the needed experience to market your brand the right way.

If a digital company has not been in the business for long, they are more likely to commit mistakes and compromise your marketing strategy.

While their fee would likely be lower, you will be risking your company’s popularity and reputation.

While it’s all a matter of financial and personal preference, you need to keep in mind that hiring a new and inexperienced agency can have unfavorable consequences.

As a general rule of thumb, consider marketing as a valuable investment so it would be best to invest only in people who can help you achieve your desired objectives.

How will you report campaign results?

Measuring the results of your marketing efforts is necessary especially when we’re talking about digital marketing.

Check with a potential digital marketing candidate how they will report the results and what you expect when it comes to reporting.

For starters, you can suggest that they provide a monthly report that will give you insight on the milestones, KPIs, and overall progress of the campaign.

You need to also ensure there are diverse channels available so you can communicate more effectively.

Who will be in charge of our online marketing campaign?

This may seem like a question you can forego but it’s actually crucial to know the answer to this one.


Some digital marketing agencies boast about their ability to provide the results you are looking for but in truth outsources all the work.

While outsourcing can save both parties time and money, too much outsourcing can prove disadvantageous as the focus is now on cost as opposed to quality.

In addition, it is also considered ideal to check with the marketing agency when you can see possible results for the marketing efforts.

Ideally, it would be best to work with an agency that’s honest every step of the way.

Encourage them to be transparent when it comes to the results regardless if it’s positive or negative rather than just telling you what you would like to hear.

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