The SEO Myth Of Directory Submissions

Within SEO, there is a great amount of relevant and useful information and also a considerable amount of inaccurate and misleading information too. If exploring the subject of search engine optimization online, you will quickly see the reliability of sources can vary significantly.

Many myths exist about SEO guides and are often used by unethical SEO companies trying to gain clients. If you want to run a successful SEO campaign, it is important to only work with a respectable and ethical SEO agency UK. You should be aware of the most common SEO myths and avoid all companies which claim these myths are true.

One myth commonly used by unethical SEO consultants is that submitting your website to thousands of directories is beneficial for your business. This myth is often believed by freshers in SEO. The reason for this is that submitting your website to as many directories as possible can appear to be common sense. Web Directories are often used by internet users when they are looking for a particular business. If your site is registered with numerous directories then it is assumed this will increase the amount of traffic visiting your site.

This is inaccurate. In fact, submitting your website to as many directories could even damage your site and downing the SEO success. Linking with low-quality websites encourages the web crawlers to view your website as low quality and this is not beneficial. If any of these sites are low quality, your website may also be regarded as poor rated and the search engines do not rank websites of this kind highly.

Unpopular and low-quality directories are also unlikely to receive a great deal of traffic. This means your website will not receive a great deal of exposure from a listing like this and it is unlikely to make a significant difference to the amount of traffic visiting your web pages.

It can be advantageous to submit your site to popular directories. However, using schemes to submit to as many sites as possible will not generate a great deal of traffic and can damage your rankings. To do your best you need to select a quality directory submission company having a database of top website directories. You can outsource the directory submitting work as it will be cost-effective.

This SEO myth is pushed by some of those working in SEO because it is relatively simple and sounds impressive. Business owners are keen to have their websites listed in as many different online locations as possible and do not realize the quality of these websites can make a significant difference.

Respectable SEO specialists will not recommend an SEO technique like this. Best directory submissions services the UK will be suitable and relevant for your business and may be useful sources of targeted traffic.

As SEO experts, we are always honest with our clients. We let them know what we can do and always try to achieve the best results possible. We will not manipulate you with myths and promises we can deliver but instead will provide you with useful information and assistance to help your business to be an online success.

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