A Short Guide To SEO & Digital Marketing With London’s #1 SEO Agency

The #1 London SEO agency has made a thorough research and analysis on how SEO works and how you need to run your digital marketing campaign. Their research can easily be a base for everyone dealing with problems connected with SEO. The guide they made will help you and your business set a great SEO strategy and work your way through in the world of the internet.

SEO changes every year if not even more often. This year there are many things that are the same as before, but some things are new and everyone in the business should be aware of it. So, let’s see what are they saying and what are you supposed to care about the most in 2022.

Company blogs

It is suggested that every company has a blog on their web page alongside the other parts on the menu. Blogs are articles about what the company does. In blogs, it is very important to have strong SEO-based content that will be easily recognized by the search engine algorithm. This way, the blogs will rank higher on the internet and through them, you’ll be able to get a ton of visitors to your page. This, on the other hand, means you’ll reach a lot of new potential customers that will learn about your work.

This is especially important for start-ups and businesses that are new and trying to make a breakthrough. The blogs will show the interested readers that you know what you’re talking about when they get to your page after they searched for something in the field you work in. When a person searches a keyword and that keyword leads to your page, it’s very important not to be disappointed.

Target well

The search engines lately are making the results they’ll show up more personalized. That means whenever someone searches for something, the algorithm will insert the location as one of the key components in finding the best results.

This means you’ll have to research a little more about your audience. Where are they from, what they are interested in, and what do they like to see online. You’ll have to get more close to each person that you think is a potential client of yours. Here’s a little more on getting close to your audience on this link.

Let’s say your business is plumbing and you’re working in Europe. You don’t need to make an SEO outreach strategy targeting teenage girls in California. They don’t have one close relation to your business. But if you’re a fashion designer from Europe, that’s exactly the target you need, as shipping is available worldwide these days.

Meta description

The meta description is around for years. It’s still present and still important. Search engines take information from the meta description of every page and every article. If you want to be noticeable online and your blog to be seen, you need to add that meta description the way you think will be best.

See how the competition works

Always have an eye on the competition. You must know what they are doing and always be one step behind if they try to do something unexpected. In this case, it’s good to see how they are working and adjust your work according to them. See the keywords they are using, and come up with better ones or keywords that you think customers will search. Also, don’t forget to use the exact same keywords so you can get a part of their potential customers.

Have you ever seen billboards with ads about a famous hotel in your city, and the billboard is standing right next to another famous hotel? Everyone’s doing the same trick. It may not seem fair to some, but it’s business, no one gets angry. That’s the game. If you don’t know much about keywords,


These are the main things everyone involved in SEO must know. If you’re working in this field, you should know that 2022 will bring some new rules to the game. Be prepared and stay on top. It’s all about adjusting to the world of SEO. You need to open your eyes and follow the trends. See what works today and do it, but don’t think it will last forever. Adapt, it’s the only way.

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