How Public Relations Can Help The Medical Industry

For the past decade, a lot of doctors who achieved a level of patient and peer recognition were unwilling to market and advertise their services. But after HMO started to get more popular and advances in non-invasive cosmetic treatments because of the shift in the healthcare industry.

Both non-core and core specialists began adding profitable elective procedures that were once an area of expertise for a select group of dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The increase in competition has raised the bar high in elective medicine and soon even conservative dermatologists, and plastic surgeons know that change is needed to avoid empty waiting rooms.

Promoting your services was the first thing on the agenda in the evolution of promoting the practice. It is then followed by ardent media coverage that can open a few doors for cosmetic practice marketing, also known as a public relations campaign.

PR or public relations is different from advertising. It uses editorial coverage in magazines, television, newspaper, radio and most importantly, the Internet, to highlight dermatologists and physicians and their practices. A public relations campaign emphasizes on new techniques, safety issues, trends, controversies or any topics that are considered as press worthy by media representatives and publicists.

Usually, the cosmetic surgery PR campaign works by taking in a lot of information about the needs of the customers and what they really want, present them in the form of definite articles or news story related to plastic surgery and dermatology.

The media exposure will serve as proof that the doctor is an expert in that field. Not only that, it provides additional cachet to the product or services that can’t be achieved even by an excellent aggressive advertising campaign.

People in the media industry like to write about what is new and what is different. They want to cover stories that have value for their viewers and readers. The key to running a successful public relations campaign is pitching stories or topics that are within your expertise that will meet the criteria.

Professional public relations agents do this every day. If you want to dip your toes in the PR industry but are not ready or do not have the budget to hire PR firms or invest in professional campaigns, there are some Do It Yourself strategies that you can use on your own according to local PR agents.

Email all the local media in your area with the link of your website and CV, explaining that you or your clinic is good source material for an article or an interview. Cite new and innovative techniques you are using in your practice.

If you are doing a volunteer or Pro Bono work, let them know. Stories like this are good human interest pieces and can attract a lot of viewers or readers.

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If you are looking for a media training to prepare yourself for press coverage, you can ask the help of PRSA or the Public Relations Society of America and ask them if they know some local experts in your area. A few hours of training with an expert can go a long way in presenting a more polished public image.

You can offer commentary to every media outlet. Human interest pieces about trends, seasons or holidays are more likely to attract attention compared to general nature.

Use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, and make sure that all your posts and tweets are creative and informative. You also make sure that all your social media accounts are very interactive.

Choosing the right PR agency

If you are ready to make the best out of your coverage by hiring a professional PR firm, you can minimize the risk of your investment by making sure that you find the right agency or firm for your services. PRSA can provide listings of all PR firms that are registered in their organization.

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You can also use the internet to search for public relations agencies that handle healthcare-related campaigns. You want to work with people who have expertise in the healthcare and medical field. It’s a different niche compared to entertainment, fashion, corporate or restaurant public relations. It is not wise to hire a firm or an individual that has no experience working with doctors and other aspects of the medical industry.

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