Is There Need To Start Guest Blogging ?

Originally derived from the word ‘weblog’ in 1997, the term blog, these days, is an every day word. In fact, it’s estimated that around 6.7 million people regularly take part in blogging. For some, it can be a way to earn an income, and for others, they just like the idea of imparting knowledge and information they are passionate about.

Increasingly, many bloggers have expanded beyond their own blogging site, and have got involved with guest blogging. But, why bother giving away free information to other people when you could keep it for your own site? There are lots of good reasons to become a guest blogger.

Good reasons to get guest blogging

By posting content onto another blogger’s site, you are basically helping to expand your network of followers. A guest blog posting can generate links and traffic back to your site, which you might not have been able to generate, if you hadn’t been guest blogging. It’s a great way to build your reputation, increase awareness and share ideas with the help of hiring experts like Megri Link building team it will prove to be a clever component of your SEO strategy.

How do you start guest blogging?

Before you start churning out Guest Blog Post Service, do your homework first. Decide which blogs you want to be associated with, and find out all that you can about whether they accept postings from other bloggers, and what their guidelines are, if they have any.

Look for blogs that can complement your own blog and your knowledge sphere. There’s no point being a guest blogger for a site that you don’t have sufficient knowledge or interest in.

Once you’ve identified key blogs, start building up a relationship. Make comments on posts, and share the information on social media sites. Get to know the style, content and tone of the blog postings, and once you’ve built up a rapport with the author, contact them personally. Offer suggestions of guest blog postings you could contribute to the site. Show that you understand what the site has to offer, and you’ve read any given guidelines.

As a guest blogger, you should never offer content that has done the rounds on other sites, or even your own. Your content should be fresh, relevant and interesting, and just because it is being used for a site that isn’t your own, you should never compromise on quality. Always pay strict attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling. Don’t just assign the best content to your own blog!

One really essential thing to always bear in mind, is that guest blogging isn’t about free advertising. Your content should never smack of PR or be riddled with links or superfluous jargon. Make it flow naturally and, at all times, ensure that your formatting doesn’t deviate from the rest of the content on the blog.

When you’re writing your blog posting, think about your audience. Even if the blog you’re writing for shares similar subject content to your own, the audience might not necessarily be the same. You’ll need to adapt your writing style and choice of words accordingly, otherwise you risk losing readership before you’ve even begun. For instance, if you’re writing for a younger audience, then make sure you simplify the language, break the content up into smaller chunks and use bullet points or headlines to make it easier to digest.

The key thing to remember before you start guest blogging, is to do your research. If you get this part right, you’re half the way to building networks and relationships through being a great guest blogger.

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