SEO And Web Development Are Interconnected

Today’s World Wide Web relies on a mature, highly developed industry. These days, students can take degree courses in many different aspects of the Internet, including web design and website development (the writing of the underlying computer code). Indeed, the whole business of delivering websites has become highly professionalised.

This increased professionalisation has brought many advantages. Websites have become easier to use, more streamlined and more feature packed. However, sometimes disadvantages surface, especially during the intense creative process when the website is being built. During this phase there can be a tendency for sheer professional pride to get in the way, with designers, developers, project managers and the marketing team all sticking to their guns, sometimes not communicating fully with one another.

Here at SEO Services, a leading UK website development company specialising in search engine optimisation, we very much discourage silo-based attitudes during the site building process. For example, we believe that the web development process and marketing procedures, in particular search engine optimisation, should be treated as organically intertwined.

Indeed, any search engine optimisation specialists on your team should be involved from the start in the creation of a business website. Even matters such as the choice of site name are relevant to future search engine result page rankings. A distinctive, suitably quirky and catchy site name (such as Flickr, or Amazon for example) can really help focus a site in users’ minds and make it easier to retrieve.

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