Will the Penguin Update Affect Search Engine Optimization?

Every so often Google makes changes to their algorithms. It happened in 2001 with Panda and the latest change happened recently with Penguin. So, how did the update affect websites and will it affect search engine optimization?So what was the update supposed to do? Basically it was Google’s way of changing how it ranks websites.

The intention was to reward websites that concentrated on providing readers with content that was of high quality. Instead of being over optimized and keyword stuffed. In other words sites that used what are termed as “black hat” techniques.

Where do websites stand when it comes to search engine optimization?

When the update was first released there was a lot of concern for companies and websites owners regarding search engine optimisation. There should be no worries or concerns providing websites are focused on providing website visitors with good content and relevant information. Websites can still make good use of social media, articles, reviews and other forms of content.

Google did send out warnings in regards to penalising websites that were over optimised and for website owners who are trustworthy and ethical there is nothing to worry about. Search engine optimisation still has its place on the internet and there are many ways to ensure high exposure levels online. These include:

• Adding blog posts on a regular basis;

• Implementing social media;

• Creating original web content;

• Creating content that relates to the website.

Whether the Penguin update will do the job intended only time will tell. Early indications are positive though and it seems that less low quality links and spam is out there than before the update.

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